Binary asteroid discovery IAU announcement


(20882) 2000 VH57
B. D. Warner, Center for Solar System Studies (CS3), Landers, CA, USA.,
A. Aznar Macias, APT Observatories Group, M. Serra-Ricart and J.
Licandro, Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias-IAC, and P. Pravec,
Ondrejov Observatory report that photometric observations obtained with a
0.25-m telescope at the CS3 facility in Landers, CA, USA, and 0.45-m telescope
at the Canary Astrophysics Institute, from 2018 September 15 through October 20
reveal that the inner main-belt minor planet (20882) 2000 VH57 is a binary system
with an orbital period of 32.81 +/- 0.02 hr. The primary shows a period of
2.5586 +/- 0.0001 hr and has a maximum lightcurve amplitude of 0.15 mag at solar
phase angles from 19 degrees in mid-September down to 2 degrees in mid-October.
The nearly-symmetrical shape and amplitude of the lightcurve suggest that the
primary shape is near spheroidal.

2018 November 08,  Daniel W. E. Green